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Clay Model (Polestar Gravity)

This is a continuation of the Polestar Gravity project done in 2020, where I bring to reality the design concept with a 1:5 scale clay model improving my understanding about specific aspects of surface treatment, proportions and more... It was a personal desire to have this close experience with a noble material such as Clay, enjoying each step of the process and having lots of fun :D. I recommend to have this relaxing experience at least once!!

Comple project on Behance :D

One Semester in 5 seconds


collage fotos behance.jpgcollage fotos behance.jpg

Final model fotos

collage fotos behance 3.jpgcollage fotos behance 3.jpg

Special Thanks to Werkschau Team and David Neblung for the help to finish the Clay Model :DDD

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Bachelor Industrial Design

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Bachelor project


foto: Cora Gebauer foto: Prof. Thies Krüger


Sommersemester 2021