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Incom ist die Kommunikations-Plattform der Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal mehr erfahren


In 2900,social media will become the number one enemy to the human's mental health. So Facebook company Meta, will create a pill that they call (MED-TA) it's a pill that will control human's emotions, this pill will implant itself in the brain. Those emotions can be controlled by an application that is powered by Meta. - The application will be connected to the meta verse. - The world we live in won’t be good, we would want to live in the meta verse. Where there is a whole new world, a world with only good emotions, tracked and controlled through meta, with the help of medta


The design was inspired from the cartoon witch potions and the water drop to represent something magical and calm.

pill presentation.jpgpill presentation.jpg


The application is minimal and it's only use is to control the emotions. 

I thought of different controllers for each emotion. I went so deep into my memories and emotions, and tried to create lines depending on the way that I felt ( when I was angry, afraid ….etc) So each line represents the way that we feel in our guts when we are afraid, angry…etc

Also, the colors were picked based on a thorough studying to colors and which emotion they might represent not in a specific culture but internationally, and I just picked what felt right, and asked other people if they agree with the colors that I picked.

App design 2-03.pngApp design 2-03.png
App design 2-07.pngApp design 2-07.png
App design 2-04.pngApp design 2-04.png
App design 2-05.pngApp design 2-05.png
App design 2-06.pngApp design 2-06.png
App design 2-09.pngApp design 2-09.png
App design 2-01.pngApp design 2-01.png
App design 2-08.pngApp design 2-08.png
App design 2-02.pngApp design 2-02.png


The commercial was done in a pure corporate way, a way that you just want to convince people of taking the pill and showing no harm, just forward with little details as possible.


This section represents the future life when the pill was created and actually IN THE MARKET!



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Wintersemester 2022 / 2023