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Canoo 2 Go

  • Canoo 2 Go - is a 3_Wheeler micro vehicle thought with the idea of offering just the right amount of space, technology, services and material for a private/service transport inside of The future cities center.

„We don't need more over sized vehicles... we only need a seat in order to go from A to B“.........

Complete Project


Canoo 2Go3.jpgCanoo 2Go3.jpg

Canoo 2Go4.jpgCanoo 2Go4.jpg


Canoo 2Go8.jpgCanoo 2Go8.jpg

Interior Design concept

Canoo 2Go9.jpgCanoo 2Go9.jpg

Exterior Design concept

Canoo 2Go10.jpgCanoo 2Go10.jpg

Tech Package

Canoo 2Go11.jpgCanoo 2Go11.jpg

3d Development

project documentation12.jpgproject documentation12.jpg

Canoo 2Go13.jpgCanoo 2Go13.jpg

Final Renderings

exterior 0.jpgexterior 0.jpg

exterior 1.2.jpgexterior 1.2.jpg

exterior 2.jpgexterior 2.jpg

exterior 4.2.jpgexterior 4.2.jpg

exterior 3.2.jpgexterior 3.2.jpg

Interior 1.jpgInterior 1.jpg

exterior 5.jpgexterior 5.jpg

interior 3.jpginterior 3.jpg

detalle exterior.jpgdetalle exterior.jpg

interior 2.jpginterior 2.jpg

baterias detalle.jpgbaterias detalle.jpg

detalle baterias.jpgdetalle baterias.jpg

Ein Projekt von


Master Engineering Design

Art des Projekts

Studienarbeit im Masterstudium


foto: Prof. Jan Bäse


WiSe 22 / 23 – WiSe 23 / 24


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