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Volkswagen Racer One: Augmented Racing

VW Racer One is a conceptual design inspired by the idea of creating a more exciting and sustainable future of autonomous mobility by 2080, where the implementation of new technologies will allow the creation of unique experiences and solve the energy crisis with the implementation of metamaterials with piezoelectric properties and the combination of humans with artificial intelligence to expand their senses, establishing a true symbiosis with the product. Abstracting the human body in the vehicle enhancing the emotions of users, creating a more exciting and sustainable energetic future

Behance Full Project

VR project presentation

Concept A: Vehicle as an extension of Human Body

Communication vehicle.jpgCommunication vehicle.jpg

Concept B: New materials to harvest energy from our surroundings

Energy harvesting.jpgEnergy harvesting.jpg

Idea Exploration

1st exploration.jpg1st exploration.jpg

2nd Exploration.jpg2nd Exploration.jpg

Final Renders

side view cinematic behance.jpgside view cinematic behance.jpg

front image 3.jpgfront image 3.jpg

bACK iMAGE.jpgbACK iMAGE.jpg

front image 2.jpgfront image 2.jpg

detalle 2.jpgdetalle 2.jpg

detalle 1.jpgdetalle 1.jpg

Sweet behance.jpgSweet behance.jpg

Cuadro version slim.jpgCuadro version slim.jpg

General 1.jpgGeneral 1.jpg

Clap International Award :Best Concept Design 2023

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Bachelor Industrial Design

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foto: Prof. Thies Krüger


WiSe 20 / 21 – SoSe 21