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20 MID: 5.1 Master Colloquium

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The Master proposal is a preparatory stage of the Master thesis. Students are familiarised with scientific working methods; in particular with the requirements of a design-specific scientific Master thesis. Over and above this, this colloquium assists in defining individual problems and identifying a suitable and qualitatively challenging topic for the Master thesis. The Master proposal, which must be set out in writing, must contain research results and a critical analysis of these, which make clear the choice of topic to be worked upon and define the planned scope / limits of the area of work.

The Master proposal may contain the methodology of a possible evaluation (type, scope and level of detail of data acquisition). Moreover, the student’s own skills in terms of the level of detail of the prototypical design must be examined and, if necessary, augmented. The Master proposal must be presented orally to the potential supervisors for discussion and approval.

Learning Goal
// Categorisation of complex knowledge in the specialist area of Interaction Design.
// Critical understanding of the field
// Interdisciplinary research
// Mastery of scientific working methods
- writing an scientific paper
- conducting research
- defining a problem


Bachelor Industrial Design

BID-1.3 Design Basics Material

Master Interaktion Design

MID-6.1.3 Master Proposal


WiSe 23 / 24 – SoSe 24


Dienstag, 16:15 – 19:30